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We will try our best to reply you within 48 hours. Please do not order if you cannot wait for them to come As we are still schooling, our schedules might be packed and meeting times may be postponed further. Items are none refundable, so please do clear your doubts with us before ordering! Do make payment 48 hours after the confirmation by us Orders which have been confirmed and are left M.I.A will be cancelled after repeated reminders

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Yishun/ Sembawang : Zero charge (FOC)
Red line : $1.50
Green line : $2.50
Purple line : $3
Circle line : $2.50
*Due to busy schedule, areas such as purple/green line might not be available depending on schedule *LRT's are not available


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Korean tees
Evelyn - Smile monroe, blue ($16)(paid)(postage)
Arrived! (8/6) Mailed out! (10/6)

Stephanie - Pink ladybug earpiece ($13)(registered postage)(paid)
Order sent! (3/6) Mailed out! (10/6)
Swapping :
Bone ring + 1 Bra clip ($5)(normal postage)


Last updated (17 JUNE 2010)

1~10. 10 FBT shorts
11. Maroon skinnys
12~21. 10 Bikinis
22. Black white stripe tanktop
23. Mr happy tanktop brown
24. Mr happy shorts brown
25~29. Black cartoon hoodie
30. White charelle top
31. I love you forever couple keychains
32. MGL shorts
33. Accessory 003
34. Baggy pants
35. Mr bean teddy plush
36. Hot pink Dr Martens inspired boots 38
37. Red Dr Martens inspired boots 38
38. Red Dr Martens inspired boots 39
39. "Children" Korean tee
40. "Chaplin" Korean tee
41. "Order" Korean tee
42. D&G Graphic tee
43. Item 004
44. Striped boyfriend top
45 . Starry hoodie
46. Jacket dress grey
47. Grey bubble mini skirt
48. Mr Happy black shorts
49. Little miss bossy blue
50. Le it be pink
51. Pink Bf top
52. Little miss bad grey
53. Little miss bad green
54. "My girl" Korean tee
55. Heineken tee
56. "Big cherry" Korean tee
57. "Children" Korean tee
58. "Big cherry" Korean tee
59. "City" Korean tee
60. White floral tanktop
61. Translucent zip up hood
62. "Baby" Korean tee
63. "Rabbits" Korean tee
64. "Rogger rabbit" Korean tee
65. "Order" Korean tee
66. Simple long V neck top
67. "Big cherry" Korean tee
68. "Number 17" Korean tee
69. "Number 17" Korean tee
70. Translucent zip-up hood, charcoal
71. Dr Martens inspired boots white
72. Yoshimoto hood pink
73. Yoshimoto hood pink
74. "Starbear" blue Korean tee
75. Fashion Heels S05 golden
76. Fashion Heels S05 baby pink
77. Dark grey tanktop
78. White tanktop
79. Black floral tanktop
80. "Runaway" grey Korean tee
81. Translucent white zipup hood
82. "Circus bear" white/black Korean tee
83. "Circus bear" white/black Korean tee
84. "Bike shop" dark gray Korean tee
85. Yellow translucent zipup hood
86. "People", blue Korean tee
87. "Starker", grey Korean tee
88. "Graphic 08" Korean tee
89. Yellow ladybug earpiece
90. "Number 17" Korean tee
91. Band shirring Korean dress
92. Voodoo socks code 4
93. Voodoo socks code 6
94. Accessory 011
95. Yellow translucent zipup hood
96. Strawberry chiffon top
97. White bra clip
98. White bra clip
99. White bra clip
100. 2 piece cutie
101. White bikini top
102. Yellow ladybug earpiece
103. "08-graphic" Korean tee
104. "Florida" black Korean tee
105. Grey cotton vest
106. "Stella" skyblue Korean tee
107. Orange ladybug earpiece
108. "Jewellery pocket" Korean tee
109. Korean vest tee
110. Black ladybug earpiece
111. "Four women" Korean tee
112. "Smile Monroe" Korean tee
113. Pink ladybug earpiece
114. Bracelet from spree (Bracelet 2000, white)
115. Black NF shorts
116. Oversized hearts tee