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We will try our best to reply you within 48 hours. Please do not order if you cannot wait for them to come As we are still schooling, our schedules might be packed and meeting times may be postponed further. Items are none refundable, so please do clear your doubts with us before ordering! Do make payment 48 hours after the confirmation by us Orders which have been confirmed and are left M.I.A will be cancelled after repeated reminders

Atm transfer (highly recommended)
Concealed cash (kindly wrap cash in colour paper to prevent loss of mail)
Meetups (best preferred foc locations)

Meetups (refer to below for rates)
Postage (normal/ registered)

Meetup charges
If we happen to be travelling down a certain area, we will let you know (:
Yishun/ Sembawang : Zero charge (FOC)
Red line : $1.50
Green line : $2.50
Purple line : $3
Circle line : $2.50
*Due to busy schedule, areas such as purple/green line might not be available depending on schedule *LRT's are not available


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